Every woman deserves to live like the goddess they truly are.
Do this 15-minute visualisation today or tomorrow and welcome a wonderful year!

Dear fellow traveler,

Good to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful year with you.

I've come to a point where my desire to let Life's Magnificence take over is getting bigger than my desire to control it. There is a lot in me that wants to seek expression, and even though my mind easily thinks that there is so much in me that is not ready, it is becoming impossible for me to keep on waiting. The truth in me is getting too big to try hide it or try avoid it. Goodness knows I've been doing a lot of that.

Deep down though I've always felt a sense of awe for life... At times pain has been too present to see beyond it, but I've always kept returning to a deeper feeling that Life is more strongly within me than it appears. That I am bigger than the little me I sometimes think I am.

And now this is what is boldly knocking at my door: a sense that Life is not only something we experience or exchange moments with or to whom we can make our wishes… but that it IS us.

That all of the magnificence and the grandeur of Life is experiencing itself through us, as us.

That it is not only our birthright to receive everything we want, but that it is the hugest favor we can do to Life to experience it all.

That it is Life asking to experience all of it through us, as us.

I feel like Life is asking me to magnify its beauty… Life is asking me to do, have and be everything I've always wanted. Sometimes Life is asking me to go through pain also, in order to receive its gifts. All in all, Life is asking me to trust that everything is and will be well.

This year my New Year's wish is humbleness to honor life by allowing more of its beauty. Courage to practice being true. Strength to stay connected to my path. And cleverness to say yes.

Wishing you a powerful 2018!

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